Shipments supporting the most environmentally destructive project on the planet will traverse wild and scenic highway 12 from Lewiston through Missoula and to northeastern Alberta. The area of destruction is already the size of Florida. Located north of Edmonton, a mix of multinational companies are destroying pristine boreal forests and watersheds. The Lubicon Cree have been sick and dying of rare diseases since the destruction began.

Imperial Oil (Exxon/Mobil) believes that this will be the cheapest route to deliver this gigantic equipment. Some of us will challenge that notion.

The US Forest Service has reversed its previous decision to allow power and phone lies to be buried. So this means that over 400 rural residents along route 12 will be without power or a phone line while these shipments are coming through. Each shipment be 170 to 210 feet in length and will take up both lanes of traffic. They will weigh over 500,000 pounds and there is no guarantee that the extensive highway pullouts will be able to support that weight.

In an article printed in the Lewiston Tribune on August 4, 2010, US Representative Walt Minnick called on Idaho Governor Butch Otter to delay any decision to allow these shipments until public hearings could be held.