The rally in Lewiston is this Saturday at 10am on the Memorial Bridge. After much legwork and consideration, the sidewalks along the bridge are public-rights of way, do not require a permit, and offer us a great chance to peacefully demonstrate without being harassed by the authorities. Memorial Bridge crosses over the Clearwater River and gives us great visibility to the folks driving along Rt. 12, and gives us a good view of the Port itself.

For folks that live in Moscow, we will be car-pooling from the Eastside Marketplace at 9am–at the south end of the lot, next to Route 8.

Lastly, we are working with members of the Nez Perce Tribe to attend the event and activate their community. Their is a pow-wow at the Clearwatwer Casino and we’ve been told that there will be an announcement made at the opening ceremony on Friday night. The pow-wow begins again on Saturday at 1pm and we hope to have multiple drummers on the bridge before hand.