Exxon/Mobile has dropped its second barge-load of oil processing units at the port of Lewiston bringing the total to 15 Exxon Mega-loads. Note that they are not all the same. Some are taller than the previous shipments and at least one is much lower. Feel free to download these images and enlarge it to see the details. Maybe we should go fishing some time.

Also 2 of the Conoco shipments have been moved just outside of the “secured” area, but they are not on wheels. The 2 Conoco shipments that are still in the “guarded” area are on their trailers and appear to be ready to go.

The Idaho Supreme Court has still not issued a decision on the Conoco/Phillips shipments. Maybe they are waiting for another payment.

Start a boycott in your area and wherever you may wander. Boycott Exxon, Mobile, Conoco and Phillips gas stations.

Thank you for being on the right side of the fight. Peoples and animals lives depend on it.