This is the back view of the port

Monday, November 1st the Idaho Supreme court issued their decision overturning a lower court decision that issuing the transportation permits did not consider public safety and arbitarily allowed the loads to pull over every 15 minutes, in spite of the fact that the regulations say slow vehicles must pull over every ten minutes. The Supreme court stated that it had no jurisdiction.

In response the rural people, who filed the original suit, (Linwood Laughy, Karen Hendrickson and Peter Grub) petitioned the Idaho Transportation Department to intervene on the issue while the ITD decides how to move forward.

The 4 Conoco/Phillips loads could start down route 12 as soon as the ITD makes a decision.

Exxon/Mobile currently has 15 shipments at the port of Lewiston and is trying to get a total of 40 here before the locks downstream are closed for repairs. They will be closed for 14 weeks.