The ITD (Idaho Transportation Department) will issue permits to Conoco-Phillips next Tuesday, January 25th. They are expected to start the first load up wild and scenic route 12 on February 1st. Conoco-Phillips and ITD claim that only one load will be on route 12 at a time. And it will take 3 weeks before the first 2 loads can get to Billings and the trailers can come back to pick up the next 2 loads.

But this will not happen without resistance. All US citizens need to stand up to stop this scenic byway from becoming an industrial corridor. Exxon mobile says it has 207 over-legal heavy loads it wants to ship up route 12. The South Korean company that is making these modules has revealed that it will be making these units for Exxon-Mobile for 10 years. Also Harvest Energy (a South Korean government-owned company) has approached the Port of Lewiston with an interest in shipping oil processing equipment through route 12 and up to the Alberta Tar Sands.

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