Exxon plans to take 60 Mega loads up route 95 through Moscow Idaho. It is estimated that the largest would be 16 feet high, 24 feet wide and 200 feet long. They would go 5 to 12 miles an hour and take 20 minutes to go through town when the average truck can easily get through town in 10 minutes. They would be allowed to have one truck in Moscow every night between 10 pm and 5:30 am. Mayor Chaney expressed concerns that Moscow is a pedestrian friendly town and the giant loads may be going through when the bars let out. LET’S HAVE A STREET PARTY!

Major Chaney has asked for public comment meetings and she and the city council expressed concerns, but this route is a federal highway just like all of the other routes. So the city has little power to stop the insanity. But it does give concerned citizens a chance to get creative: string a banner across the road; have people endlessly walk across the three lane, one way street; weave art projects across the road; whoops my car broke down in the center lane. You get the idea-be creative.

Exxon would prefer wild and scenic byway (route 12) but has become frustrated and started chopping up 33 loads at $500,000 apiece to give its evil, greedy self a chance at alternative routes. Exxon has cancelled its test shipment up route 12 several times due to incompetence. They forgot to bring the crew the first time. This time they forgot to build the extra pullouts in Montana and they don’t have Montana permits.

Idaho Rivers United has filed a lawsuit against the US Forest Service to try to stop them from using route 12. A temoprary restaining order cannot be issued in this case.

Exxon has also sent (and will continue to send) some of its “smaller” Mega loads from the port of Vancouver Washington up I-5 and across I-90 through western Montana and up into Alberta to further rape the Boreal forest and be a willing partner in the most environmentally destructive project in the history of Earth.

Stay tuned for Earth First! Rendezvous info. here in the Big Wild of Idaho.