Exxon Test load at the Port of Lewiston, Idaho


Two nights ago Exxon/Mobile-Imperial Oil attempted a test run east on route 12 out of the Port of Lewiston. This is the easiest stretch of highway yet they managed to snag a cable, break off a utility pole and kill the electricity for 1,300 people for 5 hours. This was supposed to be the run that proved to all that Exxon and their Dutch haulers could safely move these monstrous, destructive loads down our scenic byway.

Exxon expected that they would reach the Montana border in 3 days. Now they are grounded for being bad little, Big Oil, Earth rapers. They cannot move from their first nights stop until they file a report with the ITD. They and Conoco/Phillips have been testing the limits of Arrow Bridge (just east of Lewiston) and testing the limits of tolerance locals may have for them.

Conoco/Phillips originally estimated that it would take 2 weeks to move their first 2 loads from Lewiston, Idaho to Billings, Montana. It took 65 days. We don’t need to slow them down, they are already good at that. We need to stop them.

Don’t forget about the annual Earth First! Rendezvous right along route 12 by the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, July 5-12. It will be a campout not to forget. Stay tuned for directions which will come as soon as our site thaws out.