Earth Week has Alberta Tar Sands and Mega-load events this week.

Today: Monday 4/18: Join us for a Mega-load making party to construct a life (some would say death) sized mock Mega-load for the protest march this Wednesday. If you want to help build or paint come to the Attic at 7 pm today.

Tuesday: 4/19: There will be 2 showings of H2Oil. They will sandwich several 15 minute presentations by grad students concerned about the Mega-loads. It is at the Borah theater in the SUB on the Uof I campus between 1-4 pm.

Groups working to stop the Mega-loads will be tabling outside the theater.

Wednesday: 4/20: March with the protest Mega-load. Meet on campus at the Shattuck ampatheater at 11am and be ready to march by 11:15.

Next Monday: 4/25: Friends of the Clearwater will sponsor Mega at the 1912 Center from 5:30-8:30pm. This is a presentation from Architecture students who have been studying the problems with Mega-loads. The students are from the Uof I and WSU.

Go to Wild Idaho Rising Tide for more info.